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Proven SEO Strategies

SEO Consulting in 2021

SEO is a bit of a mystery to most website owners. Many decide to do SEO themselves because they think it’s affordable and easy to do, but that can have negative results in the long run. If you are looking for an ethical SEO expert who can develop an SEO strategy for your website, Contact me today to start discussing your options.

I work hand in hand with website owners who want to take their site's to the next level by using SEO, content marketing, and social media to increase visibility and generate more leads. I can help by listening to your challenges, helping you define your goals, and teaching you proven digital strategies that you can implement yourself or hire me to do for you.

What Can a Good SEO Consultant do for You?

A good SEO Consultant makes sure the website structure is set up properly and that code is easy to read and load fast. They will review your website and help you optimize it for search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. An SEO consultant reviews your content and suggests improvements to make it more effective. He also helps you validate that what you are doing online is really working by using tools and analytics data to measure how much traffic you are getting from specific marketing efforts.

Keyword Research

SEO is all about getting your site in the search results. But, before you can get there, you need to know which keywords you should be targeting. Without a keyword strategy in place, your SEO efforts are basically shooting in the dark. It can be time consuming and tricky to find those golden keywords, but a good SEO consultant can help you make this a painless process.

Local SEO

No matter what you are selling, if you are running a business that serves customers in your area you need to focus on local SEO. Having a website that ranks on the first page for your local search terms should be every small business owner’s goal. Local SEO can attract people that are within a certain area and have intent on getting services in that area. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees on how it should be executed. I can create a step-by-step local SEO strategy for your local business that will get you rising up the rankings.

Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization can seem overwhelming if you’re new to SEO (or if you have a really big site). But it’s really not as bad as it may seem. On-page SEO simply means that your website is well optimized for search engines. This includes a range of different SEO tactics, some of which require no technical knowledge and others that may need some help from a more technical person like me.

Content Audit

Are you making the most out of your website content? Is it properly optimized to rank in the search engines? If you aren’t sure, a content audit is your answer. During the audit I will crawl through the pages of your website and make suggestions on how to improve your existing content and what new content should be created for the site.

Content Creation

You've heard it a dozen times before: "Content is King." But what if you don't have the time, resources or patience to create blog posts for your website? That's why I've become an expert in finding quality writers for clients and outsourcing content creation completely. Think of it as having a large team of writers at your disposal without having to do all the work yourself.

White-Hat Link Building

Whether we like it or not, backlinks have a measurable impact on search engine rankings. High-quality content will help attract links over time. But you will also want to develop a strategy for building relationships and providing value within your niche so that other website owners know about you and can feel good about linking to your site.

Full-stack Digital Marketing Expertise

These days, you can’t just be an expert at SEO (search engine optimization). You must also have expertise in social media, conversion optimization, paid advertising (PPC) and email marketing. A good SEO consultant must know when and how to implement a marketing campaign that uses all of these tools.

FAQs About Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultants

There are a number of questions you might have when considering working with an SEO consultant. The following are the answers to the top questions I've been asked about SEO consulting over the years.

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